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Volumm Hair Regrowth Treatment is a safe and effective way to stimulate hair regrowth and prevent further hair loss. This 100% natural treatment is a combination of solution, tablet & powder developed by scientists & doctors to act upon and minimize the root cause of hair loss problem and facilitates hair regrowth with 93% success rate.

Team of scientists of Razorveda & doctors have used FDA-approved natural ingredients that are designed to promote healthy hair regrowth by nourishing and revitalizing hair follicles and this treatment is used by more than 1 Lac customers. It works by increasing blood flow to the scalp, which delivers essential nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles.

Volumm Hair Regrowth Treatment is non-invasive and easy to use and can be applied in the comfort of your home. It is recommended to use the treatment regularly for best results.

Razorveda | Ayush Mark Certification

In addition to promote hair regrowth, Volumm Hair Regrowth Treatment improves the overall health of your hair by strengthening and thickening each strand. This results into a fuller, more lustrous head of hair that looks and feels great.

If you’re ready to take control of your baldness or hair loss and restore your confidence, Volumm Hair Regrowth Treatment will save your hair. We guarantee your hair regrowth, & we mean it.

✔ Effective hair regrowth treatment combo

✔ 100% Natural & plant-based

✔ Patented & Ayush certified formula

✔ Developed by scientists, tested by dermatologists

✔ Visible results in 84 days

Razorveda | Tested by dermatologists
Razorveda | Banner Image

Volumm Solution

Volumm Hair Regrowth Solution is formulated with patented and award-winning ingredients like anagain, capilia longa, finasteride, procapil and redensyl that nourish the scalp and encourage hair growth & are proven to reduce hair loss, increase hair growth fullness. This mineral-free solution activates hair stem cells to begin a new growth phase. This scientifically-formulated solution is designed to target the root cause of hair loss and promote natural hair growth. It helps restore life, impart volume and density to your hair with this breakthrough in biotechnology. Volumm Hair Regrowth Solution is specially designed to work on a bald scalp and is suitable for both men and women.

Volumm Hair Regrowth Solution is 100% organic formulation based on Stem Cell Therapy that stimulates & energizes hair roots and nourishes the scalp, promotes hair growth and boosts blood circulation to the scalp. Thus, working on the 3 most common causes for hair loss- cellular, hormonal and genetic. This solution is a 360-degree healing solution for your scalp and hair.

Stem cell hair restoration is an innovative hair transplant procedure that can encourage the growth of our own, natural hair using our body’s stem cells. Our body’s stem cells are responsible for healing and repairing tissues. These stem cells are essential building blocks that can transform themselves into any type of cell. It can help regenerate hair follicles to restore proper hair growth.

  • Strengthens hair follicles, reduces hair fall, boosts hair growth and increases hair density.
  • Is free from parabens, sulphates and mineral oils.
  • Is preservative free and vegan.
  • Is dermatologically tested.
  • Shows visible results in 84 days.

How Volumm Solution works?

The active ingredients in Volumm Hair Regrowth Solution work by stimulating blood flow to the scalp and nourishing hair follicles over time by effectively working deep at the roots. This non-greasy solution penetrates hair shafts and nourishes the scalp while adding volume to hair, improves texture of hair and strengthens the hair shaft. This helps to revive dormant follicles and promote new hair growth, resulting in thicker, fuller hair and help to reverse the effects of baldness. Volumm Hair Regrowth Solution nourishes the scalp and promotes thicker & stronger hair.

Benefits of Volumm Solution

  • Promotes healthy blood circulation on the scalp.
  • Awakens hair cells for regrowth.
  • Rebalances the hair growth cycle.
  • Reduces thinning & hair loss.
  • Stimulates hair follicles for healthy growth in scanty area.
  • Increases hair density.

Ingredients of Volumm Solution

Volumm Hair Regrowth Solution’s unique formulation is made up of amalgamation of 5+ actives and other beneficial ingredients which include Redensyl, AnaGain, Finasteride, Procapil, Capilia Longa, etc.

Razorveda | AnaGain

AnaGain stimulates the release of hair growth factors in dermal papilla cells that lead to a shortening of the telogen phase and the activation of a new anagen phase in hair follicles. In this way, AnaGain stops and prevents the hair loss process and stimulates hair growth.

Razorveda | Capilia Longa

Capilia Longa Longa works as a supporter of your scalp and hair follicles to strengthen your hair, stimulate hair growth, extend the life of the hair fibres and support the treatment of hair loss.

Razorveda | Redensyl

Redensyl is known to prevent hair thinning by increasing hair density. It has shown an 8.9% increase in hair growth during the anagen phase. It provides nutrients to the scalp and hair follicles and increases the blood flow in the scalp.

Finasteride works by blocking the production of DHT, a hormone that is responsible for hair loss. By reducing the level of DHT in the scalp, finasteride can help to reduce hair loss and improve hair growth. 

Procapil s known for improving blood circulation to the roots and follicles to make your hair stronger. Tighter and well-nourished roots further help in controlling hair fall and slowing down the hair aging process. It inhibits ageing of hair by stimulating the hair follicle cell metabolism.

How to Use Volumm Solution:

Take 1ml of Volumm Hair Regrowth Solution in dropper & apply directly to your scalp in drops in the area of hair loss. Massage into scalp using fingertips. Use two times a day.

Volumm Tablet

Volumm Hair Regrowth Tablet is designed to support healthy hair growth from within. All-natural, fast-acting tablets are packed with essential vitamins and minerals that promote a healthy scalp and hair follicles. With regular use, Volumm Hair Regrowth Tablet helps to reduce hair fall, increase hair thickness and density, and improve overall hair health, provides nutrition to the hair by supporting hair cells and targeting hair fall issues due to deficiency. Made with a unique blend of vitamins and minerals, our formula helps to nourish the scalp and provide the necessary nutrients for strong, healthy hair.

How Volumm Tablet works?

Volumm Hair Regrowth Tablet works by blocking the effects of DHT (dihydrotesterone), a hormone that can cause hair loss. DHT causes the hair follicles to shrink, leading to thinning hair and eventually hair loss. Volumm Hair Regrowth Tablet contains ingredients that help to block the production of DHT and promote healthy hair growth. Additionally, the vitamins and minerals such as zinc, biotin in the tablet support overall hair health, providing the nutrients needed for strong and healthy hair. By blocking DHT and nourishing the scalp, Volumm Hair Regrowth Tablet helps to prevent hair loss and promote the regrowth of thicker, healthier hair.

Benefits of Volumm tablet:

  • Boosts your hair health.
  • Targets hair root damage.
  • Improves hair and skin health.
  • Boosts cell regeneration in the hair root.

Ingredients of Volumm Tablet:

Volumm Hair Regrowth Tablets’s unique formulation is made up of vitamins and minerals which include Biotin, Folic acid, Pumpkin seed extract, pygeum, green tea extract, vitamin c, zinc, iron, etc.

Razorveda | Biotin

Biotin- Biotin stimulates the production of keratin in hair and increases the rate of growth in hair follicles. It strengthens the hair follicles and promotes the thick and healthy hair growth.

Razorveda | Pumpkin seed extract

Pumpkin seed extract- Pumpkin seed contains phytosterols which could help block enzymes and hormones that are causing hair loss. And being rich in omega-3-fatty acids which helps promote hair growth.

Razorveda | Green tea extract

Green tea extract- Green tea helps block production of excess DHT. It also helps improve circulation which allows for better blood flow to follicles and promote hair growth.

Zinc- Zinc helps to improve the overall health of the scalp and hair follicles, reducing hair fall and promoting hair regrowth. It may help to improve the structure of the hair shaft, making it less likely to break and promoting overall hair growth.

Iron- Iron boosts flow of oxygen in the body and thereby carry oxygen to the tissues and root of your hair. By providing the necessary oxygen and nutrients, iron helps to support the growth of strong, healthy hair. It helps to improve the structure of the hair shaft, making it less likely to break and prompting overall hair growth.

How to Use Volumm Tablet:

Take one Volumm Hair Regrowth Tablet after dinner. Be consistent and consume every day.

Volumm Powder

Volumm Hair Regrowth Powder is a natural and effective solution for hair loss and thinning hair. The unique blend of powerful herbal extracts and essential nutrients work together to nourish the scalp and promote healthy hair growth. It is designed to nourish the scalp and provide the necessary building blocks for strong, healthy hair. Made with proven, safe and natural ingredients this multivitamin powder supports healthy hair growth by blocking the effects of DHT and promoting overall hair health. This powder is free from harmful chemicals and preservatives, making it a safe and natural solution for those looking to improve their hair health.

How Volumm Powder works?

Volumm Hair Regrowth Powder works by nourishing the scalp and promoting healthy hair growth. The ingredients in the powder work by stimulating the hair follicles, promoting the growth of thicker, stronger hair. This special formula helps nourish your follicles internally by strengthening them with an increased flow of oxygen and nutrient rich blood. Inadequate sleep, diet and lifestyle can cause an imbalance of hormones. The adaptogenic herbs such as shatavari and ashwagandha help restore that. Follicles can weaken due to poor blood flow and increased heat in the body and thus affect the health of your hair. The herbs in this formula revive those unhealthy follicles.

Benefits of Volumm Powder:

  • Maintains scalp and hair health.
  • Increases blood flow to hair follicles to nourish them.
  • Reduces hair fall.
  • Maintains hormonal health.
  • Rejuvenates hair follicles.

Ingredients of Volumm Powder:

Volumm Hair Regrowth Capsules’s unique formulation is made up of 5+ rare ayurvedic herbs which include bhringraj, ashwagandha, amlaki, shatavari, guduchi, etc.

Razorveda | Bhringraj

Bhringraj- Bhringraj is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins that nourish the scalp and promote hair growth. It increases blood circulation in the scalp, which can help to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles. It strengthens hair, making it less likely to break or fall out.

Razorveda | Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha- Ashwagandha helps to improve the absorption of nutrients, which can help to provide the hair follicles with the necessary vitamins and minerals for healthy growth. It has immunomodulatory effects, which can help to protect against scalp infections that can lead to hair loss.

Razorveda | Amlaki

Amlaki- Amlaki contains a lot of vitamin C, minerals, and antioxidants. It is excellent for boosting hair health and increasing hair growth. It improves hair texture and prevents premature greying. It is a powerful inhibitor of 5-alpha reductase that is used to treat baldness.

Razorveda | Guduchi

Guduchi- Guduchi has antioxidant properties that help cure a range of hair problems thereby promoting hair growth. Its anti-Inflammatory properties, allow it to combat hair problems, dandruff, and other scalp and hair ailments and also helps prevent the premature ageing of your follicles which helps prevent greying.

Razorveda | Shatavari

Shatavari- The anti-inflammatory property of shatavari helps to soothe the scalp. It prevents skin irritation from an itchy, flaky scalp, and promotes the growth of hair. It also strengthens hair roots by boosting blood circulation and helps in maintaining the natural colour of the hair and prevents premature greying.

How to Use Volumm Powder:

Take 1/3rd spoon of Volumm Hair Regrowth Powder with water two times a day. Be consistent and consume every day.

Directions for Use

Volumm Solution: Take 1ml of Volumm Hair Regrowth Solution in dropper & apply directly to your scalp in drops in the area of hair loss. Massage into scalp using fingertips. Use two times a day.

Volumm Tablet: Take one Volumm Hair Regrowth Tablet after dinner. Be consistent and consume every day.

Volumm Powder: Take 1/3rd spoon of Volumm Hair Regrowth Powder with water two times a day. Be consistent and consume every day.

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Manufactured by:

Meenakshi Ayurvedic

Kheri Road, Kheri Kalan, Near Kheri Hospital, Faridabad - 121002, Haryana

MRP: Rs.5,999/-

Manufacturing date: January 2023

Expiry date: February 2026

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Thicker and Healthier

"After just a few weeks of using this hair regrowth volume product, my hair is noticeably thicker and healthier. I love how it adds volume without making my hair feel heavy or greasy. Definitely worth it!"

Amazing Transformation

"I've tried many products, but nothing has worked like this. My hair has grown noticeably thicker, and the volume is amazing. My friends have even commented on how great my hair looks. Fantastic product!"

Game Changer

"I was skeptical at first, but this hair regrowth product truly works. My hair looks and feels so much fuller. It's given me a huge confidence boost. A game changer for anyone struggling with thinning hair!"

Volume and Strength

"This product has not only helped with hair regrowth but also added incredible volume and strength to my hair. It's bouncy and looks much healthier. I’m so happy with the results!"

Incredible Results!

"I've been using this hair regrowth product for just a month, and the difference is astounding. My hair feels thicker and fuller, and I’ve even noticed new growth in areas that were thinning. Highly recommend!"

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