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How to achieve a perfect cup-size?

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Breast Enhancement Treatment From Razor Veda

Why the perfect cups and cup-size are so desirable? 


Breast Enhancement Treatment From Razor Veda


Mother nature has endowed us with the rare gift of fertility, a treasured souvenir of pleasure and joy; our pair of cups. But it comes in all shapes and sizes and there lies a sense of betrayal and disappointment. Most of us are not able to experience the grandeur of our prized possession due to modest size or disproportionate shape or loose or hanging cups.

Just a feeling of having full-sized round cups with the energetic bounce of life is so fulfilling and gives us so much satisfaction and confidence. Most of us would love to have voluminous bosoms. Mere imagination of such ample assets on our own body gives us such positivity and assurance.

To be honest, our spouses or partners would endorse it. It is certainly something to cherish and feel good about. It is also associated with an active lifestyle. The social fascination, cultural admiration, and personal obligation makes the great cups and cup size desirable and irresistible.

We just can't ignore the fact that it affects us on the body level, acceptance level, and performance level. It's really good that you are deeply concerned about the shape, size, and symmetry of your breasts. Acknowledging an issue will certainly lead to a solution to it. Ignorance is not always bliss.

Well shaped and good size cups gives a psychological advantage boosting confidence and increasing joy quotient in life. Social and professional acceptance increases with improved cup sizes and cups.


    Ways of achieving the perfect cups and cup size.


    Breast Enhancement Treatment From Razor Veda

    In ancient India, ayurveda was a way of life and had perfect remedies for most human ailments. From exercises to body postures, to massage techniques and of course, herbs and naturopathy were the core of ayurveda and the best part of it was there were no side-effects.

    Ingredients like Nagbala, Bala, and Gajpeepli were proven to give a fuller, firm, and voluminous effect to cups and were naturally used for breast enlargement. The application was either through massage in oil form or the forms of a capsule for oral intake. As time passed on, we lost our knowledge treasures and our trust in natural sciences also diminished.

    Thanks to Razorveda​, ayurveda is still relevant, and doing miracles in a lot of lives. A complete range of clinically proven products offered by ​Razorveda using the age-old knowledge of our sages and study of ayurveda is doing wonders for thousands of aggrieved womenfolk who had tried all sorts of allopathic medication and lost hope in the pursuit of perfect cups. Yes, it's achievable now.

    Razorveda offers easy to use treatments for achieving great results in improving cup size and firming cups with help of ayurveda.


    Let's go through the science behind it and the complete product range offered to address different needs. Our breasts are made up of fatty tissues and adipose fats. This mass gets stimulated when massaged with oil having ingredients like Nagbaala and Gajpipli. Estrogen is responsible for a cup size boost in puberty or during pregnancy. It is the reason behind tissue growth as well as tightening. The flow of female hormone estrogen needs to be balanced for perfect sized cups. Most of the time in the case of small cup size there is a lack of estrogen that can be balanced by phytoestrogen (estrogen provided by plant source) present in Naagbala and Gajpipli.

    Razorveda came up with Mamo Plus DS Oil specifically for cup-size enlargement. Self massage with Mamo Plus DS oil is the safest and easiest way to achieve the desired enlargement of cups. It's a clinically proven product to increase cup size by increasing the estrogen in the body and open the blocked channels in cup tissue. This oil stimulates the estrogen receptors directly and hence the tissue growth is activated resulting in rounded, firm, and bigger cups.


    Another path-breaking combination in the same range is ayurvedic Bomshell Capsule. Presented in capsule form, it naturally boosts the circulation of estrogen in the body resulting in tissue growth activation. It can be taken with water or milk and hence are a boon for ladies unable to undergo massage procedure. The herbs used in the capsule like Pureria Murifca, Satavar, Bidarikand, Safed Zeera, Mulaithi, etc improve the level of estrogen hormone in the body and helps to improve the cup size, giving it the desired rounded shape with firmness.

    "A clinically proven product in this category is such a breakthrough. I can now recommend ​Razorveda products to a lot of women who were struggling to find a trusted product at an affordable price. Surgery was never a recommended treatment for cup size enlargement and was so upsetting for a lot of my clients. Now, I'm assured ​Razorveda ​Bomshell Capsules and ​Razorveda ​Mamo Plus DS Oil is a working wonder bringing back joy and happiness in the life of so many clients. Highly Recommended!!"

     - Neena Walia, Senior Gynecologist


    In the same revolutionary series of products, Razorveda​ offers Mamo Firm Cream. It's loaded with the goodness of natural ingredients like Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Nettle Extract, Caffeine Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Fenugreek Extract, Keratin, Vitamin E, Niacinamide, Ginger Oil, Rosemary Oil, Lemon Oil, etc. These  herbal oils and extracts help to firm and tighten the cup tissue structure. It's highly beneficial for sagging cups post-pregnancy or due to ageing. Almost magical, the result ensures it is used time and again.

    Along with these great products from Razorveda​, a proper diet and regular exercise will help you achieve perfect cups in no time.

    It is highly recommended to include milk, green leafy vegetables, flax seeds, nuts, soy products, fenugreek, and fennel seeds along with Razorveda products to get the desired results in the minimum possible time. A well-planned exercise regime consisting of pushups, wall ups, crunches, and chest presses can definitely strengthen the chest muscle providing a firm and tightening effect to the cups. 

    "​Razorveda​ has helped me get my breasts back in shape with the Mamo Firm cream. They have the best product that I have ever used. Many products just make big claims but ​Razorveda actually ​works. Love you ​Razorveda​. I am now looking to try their other products as well. I strongly recommend it to everyone."

    - Ratika Sharma

    What is stopping you from achieving those perfect cups and cup size?

    Trusting ayurveda was always a wise decision. The Apsaras did it so did Gandharvas and Yakshinis. History is full of ballads and praises for the beauty of Indian womanhood. It's time, we again trust our vast ocean of medical knowledge which is natural yet so powerful. It's time to again trust ayurveda to relive the glory of perfection of the human body. ​Razorveda is on a mission to bring all the goodness of Ayurveda, the rarest of ingredients to deliver the promised results with no side effects. For us, every woman is a manifestation of Yakshini or Apsara and we are confident enough that we can realize this manifestation through the power of ayurveda. So take a leap of faith with Razorveda on a journey to achieve your desired breast size and lead a more fulfilling and confident life.

    To justify the social fascination, cultural admiration, and personal obligation of having perfect cups let's trust ayurveda and trust Razorveda to enhance your breast size.