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Coconut Oil On Acne: Does It Cure Or Worsen The Condition?

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Coconut Oil On Acne: Does It Cure Or Worsen The Condition?
Unable to decide if coconut oil can be used to treat acne or not? Well, you are not alone. Even after being the most praised all-natural skincare ingredient, coconut oil often comes under the radar of uncertainty concerning acne breakouts.

This article will discuss whether coconut oil cures acne breakouts or worsens the condition. Read on to find out!

What Does Coconut Oil Do For Your Skin?

Coconut oil is one of the most multi-tasking ingredients of all. It can be used for skincare, wellness purposes and cooking. For skincare, coconut has always been considered to be the magic ingredient. The lauric acid in coconut oil is highly anti-microbial, which helps to fight against acne-causing bacteria.

According to research on the antimicrobial property of lauric acid, it was seen to be more effective in destroying Propionibacterium acne bacteria than benzoyl peroxide, which is considered to be the top treatment for acne. It has anti-inflammatory properties as well. Naturally, coconut oil helps with treating skin inflammation and other issues like redness and irritation.

In addition, coconut oil consists of 80% to 90% of saturated fats which help to reduce the water loss from your skin. The top layer of your skin often gets cracked and you lose water. But coconut oil has the capability to fill up those unwanted cracks with essential fatty acids. That’s how it keeps your skin hydrated and healthy.

Along with saturated fats, coconut oil is enriched with a high amount of antioxidants. Thus, applying coconut oil to the skin will keep it firm and youthful. It also has a significant quantity of vitamin A and E which protects you from the damage caused by free radicals.

The benefits do not end here. A randomized double-blind clinical trial was conducted to understand the effect of topical coconut oil on skin conditions like eczema. The study showed that applying coconut oil topically can reduce skin inflammation and irritation among young eczema patients

How To Use Coconut Oil To Cure Acne?

How To Use Coconut Oil To Cure Acne? 

Acne is usually a result of stress, skin trauma, hormonal changes, underlying health issues and poor dietary habits. It can also be triggered by harsh chemical products, menstruation and genetics. These breakouts can be stopped with the use of coconut oil, which has beneficial properties. Dehydrated and dry skin is a tempting place for acne bacteria, thus moisturization is a great way to keep acne at bay.

Coconut oil has more than 85% of saturated fat and 15% of unsaturated fat. The majority of coconut oil’s fat content comes from Medium-chain fatty acids or MCFA. This contains antioxidants and is also high in anti-microbial properties. While the antioxidants can protect your skin, the antimicrobial properties can kill all the bacteria, fungi and microorganisms.

As mentioned above, lauric acid is one the most potent antimicrobial agents present in coconut oil which plays a huge role in killing acne bacteria. Also, the other fatty acids present in coconut oil are highly effective to destroy the P. acne bacteria.

To have maximum benefit from coconut oil, the best way is to apply it directly to the skin.

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