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Frequently Asked Questions - MAMO PLUS Cup-Size Cream

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MAMO PLUS Cup-Size Cream

1) Does Razorveda Mamo Plus (breast cream) really works?
- Yes, it does. You have to be patient, consistent and take healthy diet. Results are visible in 4 to 6 weeks and depends on body to body.
2) How does it work?
- Herbal ingredients in Razorveda Mamo Plus (breast cream) Cup-Size Cream boost estrogen production, lift the mammary tissue support structure, help in breast enlargement naturally and nourish collagen and elastin fibers which are responsible for increase in boobs size and firming of breasts.
3) Can Razorveda Mamo Plus (breast cream) be used while taking other medications?
- Yes, it can be taken. This can be applied out of the body. Pregnant women should not use it.
4) What type of diet is supposed to follow during the process of breast enlargement?
- Eat important nutrients like -milk, nuts, soyabean, peaches and watermelon. These nutrients help in faster breast enhancement.
5) Once you achieve the desired results from Razorveda Mamo Plus (breast cream) through a boobs enlargement process and stop using the same, will the boobs resized to the original one?
- No as the Results are permanent after using the Razorveda Mamo Plus (breast cream) for 3-4 months.
6) What happens if you forget to use Razorveda Mamo Plus (breast cream) for a day or two?
- For faster and desired breast enlargement or enlarge boob size, try to use Razorveda Mamo Plus (breast cream) as advised without any gap.
7) Does this Razorveda Mamo Plus (breast cream) works on men also?
- Yes, taking Mamo Plus Bomshell Capsules with Razorveda Mamo Plus (Breast Cream) helps men to have boobs.
8) Will the nipple size get bigger with Razorveda Mamo Plus (breast cream)?
- No, it only helps in breast enhancement or breast enlargement.
9) Does the Razorveda Mamo Plus (breast cream) make you smell?
- No, it doesn’t. It has mild fragrance though.
10) Is Razorveda Mamo Plus (breast cream) natural?
- It’s 100% Ayurvedic, Organic and Natural.
11) Does Razorveda Mamo Plus (breast cream) has any side effects?
- Mamo Plus (breast cream) has no side effects as it’s made up of nature’s best essential oils and no chemical is added. It’s approved from AYUSH and is GMP certified.
12) How to use Razorveda Mamo Plus (breast cream)??
- Use it daily twice a day. Clean the area of application. Take reasonable quantity of Mamo Plus Cup-size Cream on your fingers and apply on and around the breast area in round direction. Massage gently with soft hands till it is absorbed completely. Don't wipe off or wash after application.
13) What are the benefits of Razorveda Mamo Plus (breast cream)?
- Mamo Plus (breast cream) gives larger, fuller and perfect breasts, moisturizes and soothes the breast skin, making them supple and rejuvenated. It protects your breasts from getting any stretch marks when the cup size increases gradually.
14) What are the ingredients of Razorveda Mamo Plus (breast cream)?
- Mamo Plus Cup-size Day Cream contains ginger essential oil, jojoba essential oil, primrose essential oil, emu essential oil, flaxseed essential oil, tea tree essential oil, wheat germ essential oil, grapefruit essential oil and pomegranate essential oil. MamoPlus Cup-size Night Cream contains olive oil, avocado oil, nettle extract, caffeine extract, hyaluronic acid, fenugreek extract, keratin, vitamin E, niacinamide and rosemary essential oil.