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Frequently Asked Questions - GELUSLIM Slimming Gel

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 GELUSLIM Slimming Gel
1) Does Razorveda Geluslim Slimming Gel really work?
- Yes, it does.Geluslim is the most successful Slimming Gel in India. You need to be regular and consistent in using the slimming gel. Balance diet also plays important role.
2) How does RazorvedaGeluslim Slimming Gelwork?
- Herbal ingredients in Geluslim Gel increase temperature (in safe limits) and improve blood circulation thus removing the toxins and accumulated fluid from body parts slowly and naturally. Thereby reduces the size and removes extra fat.
3) Can Razorveda Geluslim Slimming Gel be used while taking other medication?
- Yes, Geluslim can be used as fat loss cream which has to be applied on skin and it’s chemical free.
4) What type of diet is supposed to be followed during the weight loss treatment?
- Adding oats, citrus fruits, soup and low fat food helps in the inch-loss fast.
5) After reducing fat with Geluslim Slimming Gel will you gain weight again?
- No, the results are permanent after using the slimming gel for 3-4 months. Avoid oily and junk food.
6) What happens if you forget to use Geluslim Slimming Gelfor a day or two?
- Try to use the Geluslim Slimming Gel as advised without any gap for good and faster results.
7) Does this Geluslim Slimming Gel make you smell?
- No, Geluslim Gel doesn’t. It has pleasant mild fragrance.
8) Is Geluslim Slimming Gel natural?
- It’s 100% natural, herbal, organic and ayurvedic.
9) Does Geluslim Slimming Gel has any side effects?
- Slimming Gel has no side effect as it’s made of nature’s best essential oils and no chemical is added. It’s approved from AYUSH and is GMP and HACCP certified.
10) How to use Razorveda Geluslim Gel for belly fat burner?
- Use it daily twice a day. Clean the area of application. Take reasonable quantity of Gel on your fingers and apply on and around the fatty areas of the body in upward and round direction. Massage gently with soft hands till it is absorbed completely. Don't wipe off or wash after application.
11) What are the benefits of Razorveda Geluslim Gel?
- Geluslim gel is the most effective product in the Indian market to reduce the fat under the skin. It reduces cellulite from belly, waist, thighs, arms and hips and removes extra body fat naturally. Gives you quick inch loss.
12) What are the ingredients of RazorvedaGeluslim Gel?
- Geluslim's unique formulation is made up of a combination of 8+ rare essential oils and plant extracts which include almond oil, flaxseeed oil, lavender oil, geranium oil, rosemary oil and lemongrass oil.